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Testosterone Cypionate Ultimate Guide – Huge Results & Nasty Side Effects

Getting to grips with Testosterone Cypionate, and testosterone in general is key for any serious bodybuilder.

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It’s like this.

Back in the days when we hit the gym for the very first time, we were happy to see our bodies become toned and firm. Muscles improved and we became more of a man than we were before.

But it wasn’t Enough, was it?

We simply wanted more! Maybe we hit a plateau with our training and the muscle mass wasn’t building fast enough. Or, like me, you just wanted to get totally ripped like a freakin’ beast! It’s addictive.

You Agree with me, Right?

Well, guys taking Testosterone Cypionate seem to think they have found the answer. The returns are incredible. Muscle piles on, excess fat is lost, stamina increases and recovery occasions are improved.

However, let me make Something Clear.

Testosterone Cypionate is illegal. Actually, that’s not strictly true.

This testosterone compound is available for testosterone replacement remedy (TRT). But, in these circumstances, it is on prescription and under the guidance of a certified doctor. It’s not available for guys like you and me.

As such, I do not condone the use of Testosterone Cypionate, or steroids in general.

But, here’s the deal.

In this Testosterone Cypionate article, I will give you the whole truth behind this hormone. I will explain how it works, how guys cycle it, the pros and cons, and whether there is a safer alternative.


testosterone level

Before we get into the meat of this Testosterone Cypionate article, I just want to provide a brief overview of the basic testosterone hormone.

Testosterone may be the most important part of male health.

In our normal day to day lives, this male sex hormone (androgen) is responsible for:

  • Creating your phenomenal package
  • Keeping you fertile
  • Enabling erections
  • Maintaining sex drive
  • Elevating Mood
  • Growing a storming beard

Having testosterone racing through your veins can be essential to keep you upon serious top form.

But there’s more.

This hormone is vital for the physical bodybuilder. It all’s generally agreed that testosterone may be the single most significant chemical so you can get that physical body totally ripped.

That’s because of Testosterone:

Increases bone relative density – you need solid bones for all that damn weighty iron

For this reason, many bodybuilders contemplate it the ‘father’ of most supplementation. It hits every aspect of our training regime virtually. Testosterone can’t be ignored.

But, that still doesn’t mean you should break regulations!

WHAT’S Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is an edition of the male hormone testosterone which includes been created synthetically. It’s not natural.

All steroids stem from adapting and manipulating testosterone virtually.

Here’s the Deal.

Almost certainly you have heard about the many different variations of testosterone supplementation that remain: Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate etc.

Basically, all of them are still testosterone. The difference is based on the ester (the -ate component) which is attached.

Let me explain:

The ester (Cypionate, Propionate etc.) impacts the amount of time testosterone remains within the physical body and the rate at which it is released.

Some stay static in the physical body for some days, others a couple of weeks.

Testosterone Cypionate is a long-lasting ester, with a half-life of around 10-12 days (the amount for half of the volume of the hormone to be cleared), which means it will remain in your body for over 20 days.

It is this long life that makes Testosterone Cypionate very popular in testosterone replacement therapy.

It’s like this.

Through age, genetics or disease, our testosterone levels can fall. If it’s a steady and slow decline, that’s not too much of an issue. But if those T-levels dramatically drop it can be a serious problem.

As we found in this Testosterone Cypionate content earlier, testosterone is vital for male health. Therefore a significant fall means a go to to the doctor.

When TRT is preferred, Testosterone Cypionate is sometimes recommended as it remains within the physical body for a relatively long time.

And here’s the main element.

Testosterone Cypionate can only just be administered via an injection. You don’t desire to be visiting the physician every full day, therefore once a fortnight for the dosage is okay.

For Bodybuilders

body builder

It’s specifically the same. Testosterone Cypionate needs to be injected into a muscle directly. You can’t pop a pill just. This implies that guys using this for supplementation have to bring out the hypodermic inject and needle themselves.

Nice, huh?

That is done in the bicep typically, ass or thigh.

Individually, injecting myself isn’t my thing. What’s more, from TRT apart, Testosterone Cypionate is unlawful.

If you are setting it up on prescription that’s great. But if you’re looking for ‘Testosterone Cypionate purchase’ online you’re getting into some dodgy territory.

First, you don’t know in case you are getting genuine content. Second, the Testosterone Cypionate cost is extortionate.

Testosterone Cypionate Routine and Dosage

Testosterone Routine and Dosage

Much like all steroids, the main element is usually to be careful with the dosage. Smaller amounts can induce truly unwelcome unwanted effects even.

In all honesty, the safest method to take steroids isn’t to take them at all of them!

Get this.

You may hear down the fitness center, or in forums, that Testosterone Cypionate is a ‘perfect’ basic level beginner steroid – since it fairly well tolerated by your body.

It’s a common opinion.

In my own eyes, it’s a little like stating marijuana is an ideal ‘beginner’ level drug before you hit the crack cocaine. But that’s simply my view.


The Testosterone Cypionate dosage depends upon how and why it is being utilized by you.

Let me Demonstrate.

If you are using this steroid for athletic performance and also to build muscle purely, a dosage around 100 – 200 mg weekly is sufficient.

After a month, some guys increase this known level if indeed they either find poor outcomes and/or discover their body tolerates it very well.

Frequently, Testosterone Cypionate is useful to counter the T-level lowering ramifications of other steroids men are acquiring. In these situations, 200 mg – 400 mg is an average dose.

There is a conflicting judgment on whether one large hit or a few smaller hits per week is optimum. I am not condoning their use, but my recommendation would be small and often. It’s going to be easier on your body.

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

If the Testosterone Cypionate injections are taken on their own, purely to build muscle and drop the fat, a typical cycle could look like this:

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle – 200 mg per week – weeks 1 through to 12

However, if the testosterone is being stacked with another steroid, it becomes more complicated.

Here’s why.

Different steroids have different half-lives. These all need to be taken into account if under a stacking cycle. What’s more, it is difficult to pre-empt how your body will react to more than one steroid at a time, or how they interact together with your body.

If that’s your thing, be very careful. Ensure you have at least tried every steroid in your chosen stack individually first.

Or better still, don’t do it.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Here’s why.

After using Testosterone Cypionate, your body’s own natural production of this hormone has been suppressed. Once you are off the steroid cycle, your body can then become overwhelmed with estrogen.

This is because your balls are making hardly any testosterone. They relied on the injections to do the job for them.

Here’s the Worrying Part.

You then need to take more drugs to inhibit the estrogen and try to stimulate the production of testosterone again. That’s PCT.

These Drugs have Side Effects too.

Injecting steroids simply leads to more drug use.

Testosterone Cypionate Results

If you read Testosterone Cypionate reviews, you will discover steroid users raving about its power.

There’s a reason why Testosterone Cypionate is considered one of the greatest steroids. It provides impressive and fast results.

Typically, over a 12-week Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilding cycle, guys using this hormone see:

  • Increased strength
  • Massive muscle gain – through nitrogen retention
  • Faster muscle repair – it raises satellite cell function
  • Enhanced fat loss potential – by inhibiting estrogen
  • Increased stamina – through increased blood oxygenation

What’s more, testosterone can protect against hormones which induce muscle loss during a cutting phase.

But with such positive Testosterone Cypionate results as these, there has got to be some serious negative aspects too.

Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Don’t underestimate this, guys.

There are serious side effects of taking Testosterone Cypionate.

Let me make this clear.

Testosterone itself is not harmful. Damn, your body creates it! It’s what made you into that awesome beast you are today.


Overloading the body with manipulated synthetic testosterone compounds is dangerous.

Side effects that have been reported are:

Not very Pleasant Could it be?

The last one in the list looks somewhat insignificant. But trust me, it’s not.

In the next part of this Testosterone Cypionate article, I will explain.

Boost Testosterone Naturally Without Steroids

Boost Testosterone Naturally


You may consider that the Testosterone Cypionate side effects listed above are not too bad. Admittedly, there are worse steroids out there that really wreck the heart and liver.

But to me, one side effect on its own is enough to say ‘never’ to testosterone injections.

Get this.

When you inject testosterone directly into the body, it inhibits natural testosterone production.

Obviously, with that amount of the hormone, there is no requirement for you balls to waste energy generating it.

So production rapidly slows.

This still does not sound so bad. After all, you still possess all that testosterone you injected, right? That’s true.

But here’s the Scary Part.

Once you stop using testosterone injections, the body never recovers. It is confirmed both through TRT and bodybuilding steroid use, the testicles are permanently restricted.

Which means:

Without continuous testosterone injections, your T-levels are screwed for the rest of your life. You are essentially addicted to steroids.

But there is a simple answer.

Instead of inhibiting testosterone production through injections, encourage the body to make more itself!

It gets better!

Some of these things can be carried out with the little cost.

Let me show you.

  • Hit the gym – Resistance training increases testosterone levels. Actually, virtually all exercise makes a difference, but storming through some severe sessions has been confirmed to boost that hormone!
  • Watch the diet – If you are teaching sensibly, you should already be watching what enters your body! But studies have demonstrated that avoiding processed foods and eating healthily promotes testosterone production
  • Sleep well – It’s sometimes easy to stay up past due watching the TV, but you could be affecting your testosterone! The study has confirmed poor sleep prospects to dropping T-levels
  • Control alcohol – Good news and bad news. A small dose of alcohol will increase testosterone levels, but too much and they start to drop. So, don’t overdo it – but a couple of cold types and again are fine now!
  • Make use of a testosterone booster – they work plus they are safe!

By following above steps you can boost those T-levels genuinely. However, the last one can be the most effective.

Let me Provide you with the Detail.

Rather than directly injecting testosterone (and therefore wrecking your testicles forever), testosterone boosters stimulate natural testosterone creation.

The body is encouraged to create more of the hormone simply, not inhibited!

Only a Quick Word of Caution

There are several phenomenal T-boosters available, but there are several which yield no greater results than placebos also.

The Bottom Line

Testosterone Cypionate is a man-made steroid compound which gives impressive results.

It also offers a whole web host of unwanted effects and, what’s more, may damage your own testosterone creation for the others of your life.

My Advice

Follow the measures above to naturally increase your testosterone, by taking a tested T-booster such as Boost X especially.


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