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Qualia Mind Reviews: Does Qualia Mind Really Work? Pros & Cons

Qualia Mind Review

Qualia Mind is reduced nootropic supplement that runs on the synergistic mixture of 28 substances, neuro-vitamins, antioxidants, adaptogen extracts, proteins, and choline donors to greatly help increase concentrate, elevate energy, heighten willpower, and decrease procrastination.

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Together, that is why the business advertises it simply because “advanced mental diet” that can deliver improved cognitive clarity and capacity, along with boosted creativeness, emotional resilience, and circulation states. On the flip side, giving your body the nutrients they need may also help prevent burnout, mind fog, and general mental exhaustion, and actually support long-term brain health.

To accomplish these benefits, the ongoing firm recommends acquiring seven Qualia Brain capsules with water each morning, to eating prior. Many users survey feeling discernable results in less than 20 minutes.

Predicated on the given information provided on the supplement’s internet site, it’s clear the business is passionate on the subject of offering quality products with their customers. But, will their premium cost mean you’ll experience greater results compared to the lower-priced competition?

This is actually the central question we’ll assist you to answer here, you start with a few quick brain basics.

What Is Qualia? Does It Work?

Qualia Mind can be an advanced and newer edition of the popular nootropic stack Qualia.
Neurohacker Collective, the company behind the product, has an outstanding reputation in the nootropic industry.

So when I received the supplement, I expected a lot. After I tried it out for the first time, I soon realized why it is so popular.

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During my 2-week test period, I have tried a lot of combinations. I started with 7 capsules each day, I improved the dosage to 10 and even 12 capsules each day later, however in general, I believe 7 capsules per day is ideal for me just.

A full hour once you take Qualia supplement, you should notice an elevated alertness, concentrate and a soft energy boost. When you shouldn’t expect to obtain such a boost as with Bulletproof Coffee, you ought to be more than satisfied.

This supplement will help you get into a hyper-productive zone that will last for hours.
Besides its effectiveness, I love Qualia Mind for several other reasons:

  1. The brand is like a Mercedes among cars
  2. They have lots of supporters even among doctors, health and fitness experts
  3. Their packaging is fabulous

The only thing I don’t really like is that you have to take at least 7 capsules every day. It is a bit inconvenient. But if you want a high-performance food supplement that will come in capsules, that’s area of the game just.

Anyhow, if you seek out a superb nootropic stack, if you would like to improve your concentrate and overall productivity, I would suggest you Qualia Brain definitely.

How Much And When Take Qualia Mind Capsules?

  • Qualia neurohacker Collective (the business behind Qualia) provides clear recommendations on taking Qualia properly and safely:
  • The typical dose for many people is normally 3 capsules of step one 1 before breakfast and 6 capsules of step two 2 after breakfast
  • You should focus on a smaller dosage, but often in the 1:2 ratios (1 capsule of the first step per 2 capsules of step two 2)
  • Cycling Qualia on / off is important! You should take Qualia supplements for 5 days on, 2 days off every week. This is important for your long-term performance.
  • As I always recommend, please talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements or drugs.
  • Also, I have my blood checked out every couple of months to be sure I do not overdose with any vitamins or minerals (it happened a couple of weeks ago that I had way too much Vitamin B6 in my body – hence, I felt kind of a sick for quite some time until doctors figured it out).
  • Otherwise, please start with a smaller dose of Qualia and slowly increase it if you think it is necessary.

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Qualia Mind Ingredients


Instead of standard L-carnitine, ALCAR can cross the blood-brain barrier, boosting the mind’s mitochondrial output possibly. However, ALCAR only appears to have any obvious results on elderly cognition. Even more on ALCAR. Artichoke Stem and Leaf Extract (5% Cynarin) – Might have got antioxidant and circulatory benefits on mind wellness. Although, there are better nootropic antioxidants for this function. (E. g., turmeric.)

Bacopa Monnieri Extract (45% Bacosides)

Thought to improve memory space and learning, Bacopa is an herbal cholinergic adaptogen with significant nootropic potential. One of my favorite natural nootropics.


Who doesn’t like L-theanine? (I love it, for whatever that’s worth.) Often stacked with caffeine for its complementary anxiolytic effects on stimulation, L-theanine may simultaneously calm the mind while sustaining caffeine’s focus sharpening benefits. More on L-Theanine.

Alpha GPC

While I prefer citicoline for nootropic choline donation (see the next ingredient), alpha GPC supplies quite a bit of choline, which, in turn, converts to acetylcholine (mind chemical associated with memory space) and phosphatidylcholine (an integral cell membrane component).

Mucuna Pruriens Extract (50% L-Dopa)

Many testosterone boosting supplements source Mucuna pruriens extract because of its LH/FSH boosting benefits. Nevertheless, as a nootropic, this natural extract products L-dopa, a precursor substance to dopamine, the brain’s pleasurable “inspiration molecule “, if you shall.

Anhydrous Caffeine

Guess what happens caffeine is definitely. It’s the world’s preferred stimulant medication, a pervasive component to the present day diet, and a substance presently coursing through my veins (since it frequently is when I create these evaluations). 90 mg can be a modest amount. Nothing at all to warrant bunched panties.

Qualia Mind Pros & Cons


  • Qualia Mind really reads like Qualia 2.0, in comparison with the Qualia First Stack, offering a tighter, more normal nootropic formula.
  • Great quality and high volume – they are two of the principal measures of an incredible nootropic health supplement. If the product quality sucks and the dosages are low, after that it’s a no-go. Thankfully, Qualia Brain excels in these classes.
  • Noopept is a decent “as needed” nootropic synthetic. Yet, I’m not too hot on manufactured supplements using this ingredient. If you want it, buy it separately and stack it DIY-style with Qualia Mind, rather than going the Qualia Original Stack route.


  • Qualia Mind is tighter and more natural than the Original Stack. Yes… but it’s still a pretty hectic formula, more so than most successful nootropics on the 2018 market.
  • Qualia Mind is expensive AF. Not quite as expensive as Qualia Initial Stack, but still way more expensive than most brain health supplements.
  • The Neurohacker Collective “collectivist” ethos results in as strange if you ask me. As I examine Neurohacker Collective’s objective to “help build global alliance of accountable, empowered people and like-minded groupings” (which appears to have been taken off their internet site), I imagine Dostoevsky rolling around in his grave. Nootropics are for specific empowerment, not hive- brain collectivism… But we are able to simply chalk that “Con” up to personal, philosophical distinctions.

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Where To Buy Qualia Mind Supplement?

Interested people can buy Qualia Mind supplement from our website or simply click (buy now) button at the end of the page. It is very easy method of buying product. Qualia Mind product is only available online, it cannot available on amazon, GNC, Walmart or Walgreens. Customer should assure that it is not scam before buying.

What Precautions of using this Mind booster?

some points keep in mind before using Qualia Mind supplement such as:

  • Don’t use pregnant or nursery women
  • Consult with your doctor before using if you are use any other medicines.
  • Under 18 age don’t use this supplement.
  • If product seal broken, then don’t use it.
  • Read the instruction label before use any product.

Shipping detail: Qualia Mind product sale very quickly because of its effectiveness. So don’t waste your time and place your order. After your order confirmation company will ship Qualia Mind product you as soon and you receive within 2 or 3 days after shipping. Shipping charges included $5.

Free trial: For new customers the company offer free trial for a week. you can use your free trial for a week and if feel improvement in your health then buy full package containing 60 capsules with complete Qualia Mind price. This is a good deal of brain boosting supplements.

Qualia Side Effects

The research not found any single side effect of Qualia Mind or negative complain. We get lots of positive remarks of qualia ingredients from customers. All pure and natural ingredients used in it. however, anyone can use Qualia Mind product without any doubt and worries. This brain enhancement pills free of chemical reactions and acids which the causes of danger. Qualia Mind testes from many medical labs and nerve doctors examine it very stickily but they cannot found any negative effect from it. This is the best brain pills.

Customer Reviews

Scott Dinges:-

I had attempted many nootropic mind type supplements previously like Alpha Brain without achievement. Usually that they had some to simply no effect and weren’t worth the amount of money definitely. Qualia Mind Brain Booster surprised me. I acquired that clear focus without the jitters of an excessive amount of caffeine. I get good focus and an excellent convenience of mental energy really. Has really contributed to work and We are not burned away craving sugar following the ongoing work day has ended. Love this stuff and can again be ordering. I had my partner try it as well and she feels the same manner so these men are really to something with this formulation.

Kate Addington:-

I begin using this Brain Booster 10 days ago and we were waiting around to see some outcomes. I was feeling like nothing change until i realize i have 8 days in a row from when i start running every morning (that’s mean I wake up early (around 8 am)) and people at work keep telling me how in a good mood they feel like I m… I drink less coffee too and the results of my work and also my focus increase. I truly recommend you this supplements!

James S. Gonzales:-

I use Qualia mind product about 2 weeks so far and wow I am impressed! My duty is very hard and late night and by this product problem solve. I get the clarity and focus that I get from taking these is better than anything I’ve tried! I don’t even need to drink coffee anymore. I highly recommend this brain booster.



1. Does Qualia Mind Really Work?

Absolutely yes! All natural and herbal ingredients used in this supplement that work effectively in the body and improve health. It is usually used for diabetic nerve pain relief. Research show that Qualia Mind efficient for nerve and better health and it really work.

2. How Long Before I See Result?

You can see the improvement in your health after one week. By taking this supplement first week you see little positive effects in your body and activity.

3. Is Qualia Mind FDA Approved?

Yes, Qualia Mind supplement FDA proved and manufactured by natural ingredients.

4. What is Qualia Mind?

Qualia mind is a best brain booster that work naturally.

5. If you are sensitive to caffeine how much Qualia Mind to take per day?

Then you should take one pill daily.

6. How long does a Qualia mind bottle last?

This is a one month supply containing 60 capsules.

7. Where to buy Qualia mind?

Click here and go to the official page.

8. What is in Qualia Mind?

Natural and herbal compounds used in Qualia product.

9. Qualia Mind what is for?

It design for improving mental focus and release depression.

10. How to take Qualia Mind booster?

Take 2 capsules daily as we mention above.

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