characteristics of polyphenols

The most famous characteristics of polyphenols

Since casts made of glass fiber are strong against impact, light in weight and excellent in durability, and can be used without getting lost even when wet with a shower etc., they become the first choice among currently used casts. It is:

characteristics of polyphenols


  • Depression is a deficiency of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter secreted in the brain when parasympathetic dominates, resulting in insomnia, strong feeling of depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, marked decline in motivation, Dangerous symptoms such as idea of death, suicide attempt appear in mind and body.
  • Acute enteritis (onset acute onset) is generally accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea, but when it is caused by bacterial infection, strong abdominal pain, prolonged nausea, repeated vomiting and diarrhea The difference is that the high fever of around 38 degrees comes out with it.
  • The serotonin (5-HT) nerve in the brain miso controls the balance of autonomic nerves and suppresses pain, and controls all arousal etc. The activity of the major depression (unipolar mood disorder) is It turns out that it is weakening.
  • Inkin tamushi (Kyin ganadamushi) is formally referred to as tinea in the crotch, Trichophyton which is a fellow of the mold is for some reason such as scrotum (innore), crotch, buttocks It is a thing of the athlete’s eye commonly said by the infection, the infectious disease which catches it.
  • Two types of surgery including “aortic balloon pumping (IABP)” and “coronary (aortic) coronary artery aortic bypass grafting (CABG)” are actively introduced in most hospitals for angina pectoris surgery, whose chief complaint is chest pain. It seems to be.
  • In order to keep the liver healthy for a long time, it is essential to make sure that the detoxifying action of the liver does not decline, and to put it plainly, to take measures to stop the aging of the liver.

The structure behind the ear can be broadly divided into three parts: “outer ear”, “middle ear”, and “inner ear”. Is a disease that causes inflammation, such as redness, or fluid accumulation, is called otitis media.



The function of detoxifying components such as alcohol, drugs and food additives such as synthetic coloring agents with special enzymes is called detoxification, and is the most important role played by the multifunctional liver.

  • Acute otitis media caused by bacterial infection and otitis media with the most frequent cases occur in young children.
  • A variety of symptoms such as intense ear pain, fever of 38 degrees or more, severe tympanic membrane swelling, ear drainage, etc. appear.
  • The calculation formula to find BMI is common to all countries, but the evaluation of the value is slightly different depending on the country, and the general weight association Japan Bariatrics Society (JASSO) has a BMI value of 22 as standard weight, 25 or more, obesity, 18.5 It seems that less is defined as low weight.


  • AIDS (AIDS) is a viral infection caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection, which leads to an immunodeficiency and causes multiple opportunistic infections, cancers, etc. caused by minor pathogens. It is a generic term for things.
  • It is said that the attention to the seemingly classical body such as maintenance of daily life, practice of belly part, moderate light sports etc. is also involved in preventing skin aging.
  • The internal structure of the human ear can be broadly divided into three types, “outer ear,” “middle ear,” and “inner ear,” in order from the outside. The condition that bacteria and viruses pass through to induce inflammation and fluid build up is called otitis media.
  • It is said that pyridoxine has the function of promoting cracking more because it puts important amino acids into an important circuit essential for utilizing energy called the Krebs cycle.

Blood Pressure

  • If the high blood pressure below 90 continues for a long period of time, the blood vessels in the body will be heavily loaded, causing damage to blood vessels in various places throughout the body, increasing the possibility of causing complications. It seems to be.
  • Acute otitis media caused by a bacterial infection is the most common case of otitis media in many young children.
  • A wide range of symptoms appear, including severe earache, fever above 38 ° C, severe swelling of the tympanic membrane, and ear discharge with pus.
  • Niacin, which acts to crack the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages, is an effective ingredient for hot sickness.
  • It also exerts its power in the decomposition of the chemical substance Etanal (acetaldehyde), which is considered to be the cause of hot sickness.


  1. Zinc seems to be said to be a very important mineral as a substance that constitutes about 200 or more enzymes, such as enzymes that act in the synthesis of genetic information (DNA) and proteins, and enzymes that are involved in cell or tissue activity. .
  2. If you do not get a good night’s sleep at night due to symptoms of hay fever (watery, stuffy nose, sneezing etc), it becomes a factor and sleep deprived, and it is not good for the work content after waking up the next day It may do damage.
  3. It purports to detoxify the detoxification of alcohol, drugs, additives to foods including synthetic coloring agents, etc. by enzymes, and is called one of the most important duties of the multifunctional liver. There is no doubt in saying that.
  4. Glutathione, an amino acid, has been shown to have the ability to detoxify inside the body of malicious substances that reduce cell function or cause mutations, and to further enhance liver function.
  5. There is a risk of HIV infection if HIV, ie semen carrying the AIDS virus, blood, and other body fluids from women’s sputum, breast milk, etc., come in contact with mucous membranes, wounds, etc. It is.

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