High Blood Cholesterol

Despite all the bad press it receives cholesterol is not some sort of poison. It is an essential component of all body cells and of many important circulating chemicals in the blood. The concentration of cholesterol in the blood matters because the higher it is, the more it is depositedRead More →

heart problem with high blood pressure

Heart Attacks At least 80 percent of coronary heart attacks start with pain in the middle of the front of one’s chest. The pain often goes up into one’s jaws and one’s arms. Roughly 50 percent of all deaths after a heart attack occur within the first two hours afterRead More →

qualia mind image

Qualia Mind Review Qualia Mind is reduced nootropic supplement that runs on the synergistic mixture of 28 substances, neuro-vitamins, antioxidants, adaptogen extracts, proteins, and choline donors to greatly help increase concentrate, elevate energy, heighten willpower, and decrease procrastination. Together, that is why the business advertises it simply because “advanced mentalRead More →