Use Cocoa Beans

5 Ways to Use Cocoa Beans – Benefits of Cocca Powder

Use Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans are one of the nature’s most powerful super foods. They can be used to lower blood pressure, promote cardiovascular health, improve digestion, and even enhance both physical and mental wellness. Integrating them into your diet can be a surefire way to move forward and improve your health and wellness. So, before you go out looking at cocoa beans for sale, here are 5 ways you can use this super-food to help improve your lifestyle.

  1. Baking with Cocoa Powder

Baking Cocoa

One of the most popular ways to use cocoa beans is to grind them up into powder and use them for making baked goods. This can be mixed in to create a delicious and healthy cake mix or even added to icing to give some extra nutritional content. To make the beans into powder, simply grind them up using a dry blender or put them in your coffee bean grinder.

  1. Substituting Cocoa Beans

chocolate chips

While you are thinking of baked goods, you might also want to substitute all of those traditional chocolate chips with a healthier cocoa alternative. You’ll take advantage of the many antioxidants without the added complex sugars in traditional milk chocolate. Overall, it will still retain that chocolate taste, giving you a great treat without any unhealthy side effects.

  1. Mix In With Smoothies

Smoothie coca

Whether mixing up fruits or veggie, or even both, cocoa beans can make for an excellent addition to your smoothie. Keeping in mind their many health benefits, they go excellent with a super green smoothie in terms of holistic health. Perhaps just as important, introducing them into your smoothie mixture can really lead to a delicious flavor, giving you some great variety in addition to the nutritional benefits.

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  1. Sprinkle over Your Fruit

coca sprinkle fruit

After you make some of that cocoa powder, you might keep some aside to sprinkle on your fruit. Cut an apple into slices and sprinkle the powder on top for extra health benefits and a delicious flavor. Or, go ahead and mix over with berries. Whatever your fruit of choice is, this powder can make for an extra filling treat with greater nutritional value.

  1. Try with Granola

Granola with chocolate chip

Since you are mixing it with other foods, you might also consider trying it with granola. You likely have already had granola with chocolate chips, but by using these natural beans you can get greater health benefits and still enjoy a delicious flavor. You might even consider making healthy granola bars using these cocoa beans.

Cocoa Beans for Sale

Knowing all the health benefits and the different ways to use these beans, you might be looking to find cocoa beans for sale. As with many other specialty products, right now you will likely find that the highest quality and best price can be found online. This way you can get a great organic option without having to worry about whether your local store has it in stock. With all these different ways to use them, you’ll always have something delicious to try.

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