5 reasons for diagnosis

5 reasons for diagnosis before starting ED treatment

You ultimately discovered that you are not getting a regular erection and also found that you are suffering from one of the most common male issues in daily life – Erectile dysfunction. Standing there, the thing that you need to go through is now the matter of little study for you. As you studied on the same, you also checked that there is the Cenforce 200mg at cheap price available online to cure your ailment totally.

Now when you went to a doctor by going through the Vidalista 60review online, you are finding something that you couldn’t find in the research you made while going through the online ED details. You are recommended by your PCP to undergo some of the tests. These include the tests of your blood, the tests of your urine and also the test of your nerve conditions and your heart health.

When you wondered to your doctor, he simply said to you that he needs the reports of the tests as that will direct him in his treatment. There is no reason for wandering as here are the five important causes for the doctor to allow you go for the tests.

Five causes of your tests


The thing here that you cannot understand is that your ailment has been already discovered but the causes of the disease – what is the need of that? The simple thing that you need to know here is that your ED can be caused due to some physical causes, as well as some mental causes.

In each case the treatment is different. On the other stances, there are different physical factors that can cause your ED and for each case, your ED treatment will be somewhat different from each other. Hence is the requirement of the tests. 


The first test that has been referred to you is about your urine. Your urine is the thing that indicates the level of glucose in your body and alongside also indicates the sulphate content in you too. Considering those two, the thing that comes affront is the reason to know the level of those.

Glucose or sulphate mixes in your body and blocks the passage of your vein and makes the congestion in the penile duct. This congestion won’t allow the excess flow of blood through the penis and ultimately, for that reason you cannot find erection at all in you. Hence, while these tests are conducted, it will be clear to the doctor whether your body is suffering from excess sulphate or glucose.


Glucose is the content that is found in your body due to the food habit of yours. At times your lifestyle is also important underlying factor for the same. Likewise the cholesterol level is there that also comes from your food habit and the balance between your sleep and your workout, your rest and sleeplessness.

But this has to be made out of the blood sample of yours and not from the urine. Similarly, it is the alcohol that determines the blood sulphate level and that can be made out of urine. In the same style your blood can have the excess nicotine level and that can be the cause of your ED. To make out that, your doctor suggested those two tests.


If the above things are found in you, for sulphate the doctor will recommend you to quit alcohol, for nicotine the doctor will suggest you leave smoking, for glucose and fat content he will suggest you some moderation in your food habits, some regular workouts and some other things too, depending on your habits and lifestyle.

In each of the cases, the process is same but the medicine is always the same- Fildena 100mg review online. However, at times, he can suggest you some sleeping pills too, in case you have disorder regarding the same. 


The last thing that your doctor can recommend is to check your heart and nerve health. Your brain after learning the sexual urge from the mind conveys the message of the same to the heart for pumping more blood, receiving which the heart starts pumping more blood. Thus, your heart and your nervous system both are responsible for your ED and your erection and even the long-lasting erection of your penis too.

In case there is no issue with your blood test or your urine tests, it is thus direct point out of the doctor to check these values and to make it certain that whether you are finding ED due to weak heart or weak nerves, or there is another anomaly in those. If the anomaly is other than weakness, Kamagra 100mg at cheap price is well, but if that is weakness, then the doctor will be stopping acceptance of the drug.

In case, none of the above is working on you, it can be the mental issue then and in such cases, you can have to go for other modes of treatment.

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