10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle

10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle – Healthy Diet Plan

Obesity is a big problem nowadays. But there are ways now that you can have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight without even going on a diet. They are easy and so simple. If you follow these tips you will see that your life will change and you will feel and look good. Be patient, take your time and enjoy!

10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle

1. Diversified Eating Pattern

Diversified eating pattern

To stay healthy your body needs over 40 different nutrients. There’s not one kind of food that can provide all the 40 different nutrients. But, nowadays there’s a great variety of fresh products at the supermarkets that you can use to make your own diversified eating pattern. On the pyramid image below you can see what you need to eat and how to have a diversified meal with all the nutrients you need every day.

2. Eat Carb Rich Meals

Eat carb meals

Nowadays society thinks that carb makes you fat. Well it doesn’t. You need to eat carbs. Especially, if you’re working out a lot. You’re body needs it. It gives you energy. And it makes you’re body and muscles look more toned. I know that it is very hip if you’re on an Atkins diet. But first of all diets don’t work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a couple of times more here on the site.

They don’t work. Sure you’ll lose a lot of weight if you go on a no-carb diet first. But then, after a couple of weeks you feel tired and even a little sick. Because you’re not eating carbs at all! And then you’ll start to eat it again and then you will gain even more weight on than you had before. So eat your pasta’s, whole wheat bread, rice and potatoes. It is healthy and good for you. And you will keep of the weight that you’ll lose by exercising. Trust me!

3. Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

People still don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables on a regular daily base. That is such a shame. Because it is so good for you. And so healthy. You can’t gain weight by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. And nowadays it’s even not expensive at the supermarkets. Try to have 2 pieces of fruit and 2 ounces of vegetables every day.

4. Have a Healthy Body Weight

healthy body weight

I’ll say it again every body is different. Your weight depends on factors such as gender, length, age and heredity. If you’re obese, you’re a high risk factor on diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Too much calories will add up to the body fat. But, you can get the best out of you’re body! By starting a healthy lifestyle. Start exercising more and start eating fewer calories!

5. Eat normal Portions, Balance Your Choices in Food and do NOT Eliminate

Eat normal portions, balance your choices in food

As long as you eat normal portions of food every day, then there’s no need to eliminate certain kinds of food. So you can have a burger and don’t feel guilty about it. As long as you don’t eat it every day and all day long.

6. Eat Regularly

regularly Eating

Skipping meals, especially breakfast is just a big NO NO! If you skip a meal, then you will sooner feel hungry and snack more often. Snacks aren’t meal replacers. Some snacks contain a lot of calories. So that ads up as well. Have a good breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. And you’ll see that you don’t have another crave for a snack anymore.

7. Drink


It’s a known fact that you need at least 1, 5 liter of water everyday. In the summer you need even more. Water is of course the best to drink. But you can also drink fresh fruit juices, tea, coffee, milk and soft drink. It is good to also have a diversity of drinks each day. Remember, if you’re going to have a soft drink, then choose a light drink. It doesn’t contain any sugar and therefore no calories.

8. Exercise!

daily Exercise

Exercising is good. If you eat a lot of calories, you can only lose them by exercising. Besides, exercising helps you to have a good blood circulation and it produces endorphin. This makes you happy!

9. Start changing your lifestyle gradually

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you should start changing it gradually if you want it to succeed. Take notes on what you eat everyday. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I eat enough fruits and vegetables everyday? Do I have a diverse eating pattern? Do I eat a lot of calories and sugar each day? Consult your doctor for advice. And have patience, you will get there.

10. Balance Diet

There are no good or bad nutrients, only bad eating habits. Try not to feel guilty when you eat something you like. Just try to eat normal portions. Try to find balance and diversity in your food. And enjoy! Enjoy your food! Because healthy food taste so good.


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