iq genex brain booster

How does IQ Genex work? And Benefits of this product

IQ Genex

This supplement of IQ Genex is a nootropic dietary supplement that is boost your concentrate level. The dietary supplement boosts your mental efficiency in a straightforward and natural way. It is formulated with natural ingredients.

iq genex brain booster
It increases your concentration and focus levels for up to 6 hours after taking it. This product has a minor effect on your central nervous system. And it improves your memory capacity and allows for faster processing of info, and lowers oxidative stress levels.
This product is available on the brand’s official website and other retail stores. It is currently available on a free trial offer that helps you to access its efficiency with no financial outlay.

What is IQ Genex

IQ Genex is advertised while a revolutionary nootropic product formulated by physicians and designed to provide users with their greatest mind power. Effective in a single hour, it combines the energy of tested 100 % natural ingredients to boost mental focus scientifically, functionality, and energy without crashes and spikes.
Further, the maker equates IQ Genex to ‘an invisible super charger’ that boosts storage and protects against human brain fog. In addition, it claims to provide you with maximum focus when you’re tired or under great pressure even.1
In this objective IQ Genex critique, we explore the essential technology behind the ingredients and provide insights into possible effects and side effects with all the product.


Green Espresso Powder: IQ Genex contains green espresso powder that releases organic caffeine. These caffeine help the mind to improve energy mainly, focus, clarity and memory.

Choline: Choline can be a macronutrient that’s very important to normal brain advancement, nerve function, helping energy and maintaining a wholesome rate of metabolism. It helps to boost memory space, cognition and learning retention.

Noopept: This ingredient really helps to enhance focus level. it can help to safeguard from dementia and improve neuron interaction also.

Phenylpiracetam: This component protects the mind cells deterioration. In addition, it reduces anxiety and stress and really helps to increases mind function and mental result.

L-Theanine: According to the studies upon this extract, this ingredients facilitates to keep carefully the user tension and relaxed free. It helps a person to stay relaxed and make their mind stay more alert, You also feel enhance in your brain efficiency.

Bocopa monnieri: This ingredient helps to improve your focus abilities, stabilize your mood and sharpen your memory. It is in charge of overall development of new cells in the human cerebrum.

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How does IQ Genex work?

Within this context is that the maximum focus is current, as it is the only supplement that will act from the inside out with the main objective of providing all the energy, layout and increase your brain performance in a few days. This is because its unique formula provides the entry of vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream to be carried to your neurons, which will cause your brain to wake up from years of inertia.
Your memory will be clear and your energy and disposition will begin to increase gradually. You shall understand that it will be much simpler to understand subjects, lectures and the programmatic content of the contests you decide to do even. Life will be much easier because this health supplement was created for anyone to accomplish their highest brain efficiency.

Benefits of the product:

  • This supplement really helps to improve overall cognitive features.
  • It really helps to sharpen concentrate and mental clarity with no side effects.
  • It helps to expand and intensify focus abilities.
  • the mind is improved by it, decrease the impulse time along with reviewing capabilities.
  • It protects the human brain cells deterioration from free of charge radical damage along with decreases debasement of cerebrum cells.
  • This brain health supplement boosts mind development elements and supports mind function.
  • It boosts your energy and alertness and boosts your mental performance.
  • It really helps to minimize anxiety and stress level and really helps to freshen your feeling and relax the human brain.
  • It sharpens your memorizing power enabling you to perform well on the duty at hand.
  • It activates your subconscious brain for innovative and unique thinking.
  • It boosts the correct circulation of oxygenated bloodstream to brain cells.
  • It comprises 100% organic and powerful ingredients.
  • No want of doctor prescription for buying and eating IQ Genex.
  • No side effects.

WGCP™ Clinical Study

The analysis was conducted by among America’s best hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic. This is a nonprofit organization that conducts objective studies, and doesn’t endorse a particular product. Cleveland Clinic conducts clinical trials, reporting only facts and their study findings.
It study the withdrawal design in examining the differential WGCP effects and placebo in college-age adults aged between 18 and 25. It has medically verified by the study that WGCP boosts concentration and focus for between 5 and 6 hours.
The study investigated WGCP effects on the neurotypical individual’s ability to exercise different executive functions that are characteristically associated with impulsivity, spatial working memory, sustained attention, and response inhibition. These help and increase mental activity as well as executive functions.

iq genex

Side Effects

This supplement has no known side effects. This is because it is produced from natural ingredients that are free from any harmful compound and are considered safe for use.
This supplement slow losing the effects of caffeine which helps to avoid various side effects such as nausea, headache, increased heart rate, insomnia, jitteriness, etc. that are associated with caffeine.

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